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Blossom with Yindalini

Blossom with Yindalini as we return to the natural world and bask in the serenity of peace of mind. As we get back to nature. Margaret's catch-phrase and personal mantra "relax, rest and repair" guides us deeper into a healing journey. Join us as we float in ancient salt pans. It's impossible not to relax…

Grounding on the Beach

Grounding on the beach, also known as Earthing, is a way to connect with the electromagnetic frequency of the earth. Why? It's a fabulously simple way to improve health and wellbeing. We use simple techniques and body movements to teach you how. The workshop is experiential, not theory. Join us and join in. Scientific research…

Journey Through the Chakras with Sound and Movement

Journey through the chakras with the healing power of sound and movement. Calm the mind, improve physical health and increase energy. We explore energy and what it means. How the chakras relate to your physical and emotional bodies. And rebalance our energies together. 2 hour Pop Up in Tavira.